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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  April 11, 2010 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> mike: hello, everybody. welcome to huckabee from new york city. and the fox news studios. we have a great audience here tonight and thank you very much for joining us. and what a show. oscar-winning actor jon voight is here to talk to us about the power of the tea party and what he has seen firsthand. also, an incredible story, one that, quite frankly, if you made this stuff up nobody would believe it. but it is a powerful story that is true about politics, ethics, and some of the most incredible stories. some that aren't even very pleasant to talk about but we
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will find out what happened behind the scenes when andrew and sherry young tell us the story as they were witnesses to john edwards undoing. that is also going to be on our show. andrew has written a book called "the politician." what about the nuclear treaty just signed this week? former advisor to three presidents, kt mcfar land will be here. we will talk about does that make you safer or not? by popular demand, kelly wright is back with us. he and the little rockers will rock your world with a steve miller classic. all of that tonight on huckabee. glad to have you with us. [ applause ] >> mike: tonight we also have some very tragic news. many of you may remember it was just a few weeks ago when my friend colin ray, country music superstar was here and he sang the powerful touching and
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emotional story of his granddaughter hayley. i'm sad to say that last sunday afternoon hayley passed away. our hearts and thoughts and prayers go to colin ray and his family as they mourn the loss of little hayley. we had a lot of e-mails. tax with about the fair tox ken hoagland. i talked about it in my book do the right thing. you hear me talk about the fair tax a lot. a lot of the questions that we had were what does the fair tax do for retirees. i wanted to answer some of the questions and talk about the power of the fair tax and also give you a little differences between the fair tax and what you are hearing a lot about this week which is the vat or the value added tax. there is no value added, it is really going to be a value taken away from your life. but here is a couple of questions we had. if a person is retired or maybe if we are rather poor, won't
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the fair tax be regressive? the answer is no. here is why. you may not realize it but with everything you purchase there is about 22% of taxes embedded in the product. when you reach for a loaf of bread do you realize that the companies who produce the bread didn't just eat the taxes be built it into the cost of the loaf of bread. that is true for the shoes you wear and the shaving cream you buy and true for everything. when people say let's hit these corporations really hard with taxes, congratulations, it is your prices that go up because they don't absorb it. they don't just lose that out of the profits, they build it into the cost of doing business. they collect the tax from you, put it into the cost of the product and you ultimately pay it. and that is true whether it is gasoline in your car, it is true for anything. so the idea that it is going to be hard on retirees. remember this, under the fair tax that embedded tax comes out and you get your entire pay
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check and it also has an important feature that a lot of people have never understood including and especially many of its critics called the prebait and that is the part in which all of the businessic necessities are life are untaxed and here is what that means. means that for poor people the fair tax empowers you more than if you were rich. everybody does better because you have more people paying into the tax system, gamblers, prostitutes, pimps, illegals. while you were filling out the 1040 this week and you are out to the wee hours, drug dealers are not up saying i made $300,000 selling drugs. my point is they will be paying taxes, too. i hope you will find out more about the fair tax. i want to mention the value added tax is not the fair tax. it is a tax on consumption. here are fundamental differences. the fair tax is transparent you know what you pay. the value added tax completely
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hidden you have no idea what it is costing. the fair tax will stir manufacturing because we will have the most favorable climate in the world to manufacture something. the value added tax will stifle manufacturing even more and a lot of people lose their jobs. when you hear people say the value added tax, it is something we ought to try. europe has tried it. it killed their economy. we don't need any help killing ours. that is my view and i welcome yours. contact me at mike click on the fox news feedback section and i would love to get your reaction. well, my first guest is one of the most recognizable faces and the loudest voice perhaps right now against big government. >> i can only pray to god that each and every one of you and i'm talking to all of the people inside now, that each and every one of you finds the
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will, the strength, the courage to turn your back on this destruction of america. >> mike: but there are critics who have accused him and others in the tea party movement of reconciling up hate and they compare those who speak out against government spending that costs billions and billions of taxpayer dollars to the angry mobs who protested against civil rights in the '60s. please welcome back to the show, jon voight. >> very nice to see you. >> mike: welcome back, jon. >> thank you, governor. >> mike: delighted to have you. >> nice to be here. these folks are willing to give you another oscar right here and now. >> isn't that nice. the first time i saw that. i didn't see it. it was very impressive. i didn't want to follow it. >> mike: well, it was a terrific day. there were many people there
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and yet when you read the news accounts of what happened that day, you would have thought that it was a racist rally. i'm going read a couple of things, jon, some of this is just stunning. >> should be fun. >> mike: it should be. here is one. i'm not even going to give these guys the benefit of telling their names or networks because i don't want to give them any publicity. i don't want people to watch this stuff. one of the folks on another network said if racism is not the whole of the tea party it is in its heart along with blind hatred. what are the tea partyers angry about, healthcare reform or the fact that it was an african american president and a woman speaker of the house who pushed through the change. another one says the angry faces at the tea party rallies are eerily familiar and look like those lining the streets at the university of alabama in 1956. on and on this goes. is that what you saw? you were in the middle of these
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people. >> governor, i -- because we are seeing so many thousands of people out there standing up for their rights and liberties, it is shaking the ground a little bit and it gives those people who are prone to defend obama and this administration fear. they are in great fear. and what do they fall back on? they find the easiest thing to disrupt and create lies and chaos is the race card. look, if we had a white president in office and he did things to bring about division and unrest, it would be a totally different atmosphere, wouldn't it? people would just admit that he is doing a bad job. but because we have a president that is black we -- it is
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simplier for them to call upon the past and to look to a time when there was disarray in the country in the '60s and to use that to paint a negative portrait of these true god-loving people who, you know, and they try to paint them as racist. i have been among these people and i know that this is -- there is nothing true about these fabrications. >> mike: we heard there were people yelling racial epitaphs at some of the members of congress. >> when you saw this, folks or read these things or saw them on the television. these rumors, which have no foundation, no backing, no background, no -- nothing vetted, are being distributed as truth, right? >> mike: yeah. >> and i'm going to tell you the quality of the people that are in the tea parties are such
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a high moral character that if anybody in a group of those people came forth with a racial slur, they would be called to -- they would be called on the carpet from those people. they would be the first ones that would identify those people and they wouldn't stand for it and we would know their names today. but there is no evidence of any of this -- there is no evidence that these things really happened and, yes, they are portrayed as news. and yet we know there was a gunshot, there was a bullet shot into the office of eric cantor who is a republican and that was not on the news. >> a lot of anger surfaced on both sides. not a lot that has been healthy. we need to have good cause, honest debate and disagreement. andrew brightbart offered $100,000 if someone can provide videotape of any one shouting a racial epitaph or spitting or
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doing something that has been accused. >> in this economy, somebody is going to take that and do something with that. >> mike: when we come back after the break, jon, there is a message that i think you have got that i have not heard yet but i'm anxious to hear it because i feel like your passion and your heart is very much involved in helping get this country back on track. i want you to stay around and share that message with us when we come back. jon voight is going to be back with us right after this. you will want to stay.
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>> mike: we're back with jon voight. and jon, before we took the break, i said you had a special message for the people of america. i don't know what it is because you haven't shared it with me yet so i'm going to hear it as the people of this country hear it but i'm anxious to hear it because i believe you have been gifted with extraordinary wisdom and insight into this nation's particular
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predictament right now. >> thanks very much, governor. this is a letter i wrote and i would like to read for the american people. so let me just say in one year the american people are witnessing the greatest lie that is cleverly orchestrated by president obama and his whole administration. the lie is a potent aggression that feeds the needs of people who either have not educated themselves enough to understand the assault upon us all or the very poor and needy who live to be taken care of. president obama feeds these people poison, giving them the idea that they are entitled to take from the wealthier who have lived and worked in a democracy that understands that capitalism is the only truth that keeps a nation healthy and
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fed. now, the lie goes very deep. and president obama has been cleverly trained in the olinski method and it would be very important that every american knows what that method is. it is a socialistic marxist teaching and with it little by little he rapes this nation, taking down our defenses, making new language for the islamic extremists. the world who looked up to us as a symbol of hope and prosperity now wonders what will become of the entire world if america is losing its power. the american people who understand exactly what is taking place have come together in the thousands, vowing to try to stay together as a unite of love and freedom for all men and women from all walks of life, shivering to think that
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this once great nation will be a third world country. this will be the first president to ever weaken the united states of america, president obama uses his aggression and arrogance for his own agenda against the will of the american people when should be using his will and aggression against our enemies. every loving american for peace and truth and the security of our nation must come out and join the tea parties in their states. the opposition will continue their tactics. they will lie and plant their own bullies amongst us. everyone must pay close attention to who stands next to them. we can weed out the liars and agitators. let us all stay in god's light. let no man put us under. we can and we will prevail.
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god bless us all. [ applause ] >> mike: jon, thank you very much for sharing a very personal and intimate view that you have of this country and of its dangers. you know, jon, i don't think president obama personally wants to hurt the country. i know there are people who believes that he is actually wanting to do that. i don't bring myself to that point. i think his policies certainly are not good for us militarily, certainly not economically, but there does seem to be a very different direction that this administration is taking us in terms of the balance of power, not only internationally, but even internally and i think that is the heart of your letter is that these are very -- this is not just a transition from a republican to a democratic administration. we have had that before. quite frankly in all fairness the country did fairly well
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under bill clinton's presidency economically. we reduced the deficit and saw jobs increase and technology advance and nafta passed and welfare reform. but we are not seeing that kind of change. this is not just party to party. >> no, it isn't. and i think when we look at obama's training -- and it is in the olinski method that i mentioned for anybody who cares to find out there is a book called "rules for radicals" and it is dedicated to taking down the capitalist system. there is in his background and in his agenda that aspect of dismantling the capitalist system and he is doing it quite well. >> mike: especially with the bailouts, the fact that government becomes not just the referee of the game but they become a player. they take off the striped shirts and put on the team jersey and pick the winners and losers. aig wins and the little guy loses.
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these are the kind of things that trouble me very much. jon, i want to say thank you for coming today. it is always an honor and a privilege to have you here. i know your voice is getting extraordinary amounts of attention and i appreciate your courage. it is not like it is making you popular back with the folks in hollywood. >> you know who has real courage are the african americans who are part of the tea party movement. they have to stand up to people calling them traitors. and it is interesting, there are 37 african americans now running for congress or the senate for this november election. and those are the people to me that have courage. >> mike: as do you. thank you, jon, very much. a pleasure to have you here. when we come back, andrew and sherry young. andrew has written a powerful book called "the politician." it as book about john edwards. but there are messages there that you and i need to learn. we'll be right back.
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>> mike: he was a popular politician with good looks, charm and the reputation of standing up for the little guy. and he hoped the qualities would land him in the oval office but john edwards was living a double life. unfaithful to his cancer stricken wife and had an affair that led to a child born out of wed lock. his right-hand man tried to cover up the scandal by claiming that he was the father of edward's mistress real's daughter. he described the fallout in his book that is a best seller. he and his wife join me now. very good to have you guys here. when i first started reading
2:25 am
this book, i was determined i wasn't going to like you because i said you know what, you are the guy that ratted on a person who trusted you. >> right. >> mike: and so i wasn't going to like you. >> right. >> mike: as i read the book i felt like i got to know you and saw you caught up in something that you yourself didn't even recognize until you were deep in the vortex of it. >> and i dragged my family into -- we got caught up in the politics d.c. we got sucked in. i was ambitious and hungry and wanted to be somebody who was the right-hand man of the presidented of united states. i dragged my family into a situation that i will never be able to repay for forgive enough. >> mike: you clearly know you messed up. >> that would be a polite way of saying it, yes. >> mike: and you probably have told him that a few times, too, right? >> she and everybody else. >> yes. this was a terrible situation for us. >> when we went into it we were
2:26 am
like a lot of young couples and thought that we were bulletproof and thought that anybody who knew us would not believe it. and we also -- politics like i said is very cult-like and you get this there and you get attached to somebody and you get attached to the causes and it becomes what is the greater good, you know. you -- a smart person and ambitious person especially in d.c. where you have got all these triple-a personalities, all fighting for access to the viable presidential candidate, you can justify almost anything in your mind some way or another. and that is what we did. and i'm sorry. >> mike: there is an extraordinary level required to run for office. i think i may know something about that. hopeful fly it is tempered by the people you are surrounded with so they tell you the brutal truth. i tried to make sure there was
2:27 am
people around me that would say to me hold on, that's wrong. my wife played that role quite a bit. was there any one around john edwards who said that's wrong? >> the thing about -- now, that you read the book, the thing about john edwards is when first came to washington he was an oner to work for. whether you believed in his causes or not, he did some very inspiring things. he was gifted. whether you liked -- >> mike: a great communicator. >> yes. >> mike: a great communicator. >> but d.c. changed him. he got up there and within a year and a half or two years of him being elected he hadn't even voted in several presidential elesbianss and within two years of being there gore almost asked him to be the vp. he was number 100 out of 100 freshman senator. he couldn't get anything done. he jumped. his ego let him jump into this national platform and i said it was one of the times where he
2:28 am
had an angel and a devil on one shoulder. both telling him to do the same thing. the angel says we can get the causes and the devil saying power, money prestige. in the first campaign he did have people like you are talking about. in the second campaign he chased them all off. >> mike: he chased them off if you didn't agree with him he shut them out. >> exactly. >> mike: to the devil was wining that discussion. >> exactly. if the first campaign we had david axelrod and bob scrhum. people with decades of experience and they ran each and every one of them off. as you know, david axel rod went on -- he called him incompetent. whether you like him or dislike him, he is not incompetent. >> mike: when we come back from the break i want to talk more about what happened that led to the incredible fall from grace.
2:29 am
it is a dramatic one and sudden -- it was a dramatic one and sudden one and one that did not make the two of you ever so close to the edwards now. there is a deeper message and that is what we want to get to more when we come back, right after this. 8(@0
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from america's news headquarters, i'm patti ann browne. poland is preparing to hold elections following the death of its president. the president along his wife and dozens of polish leaders died in a plane crash in russia on saturday. poland's parliamentary speaker who is now acting president says elections will be scheduled within 14 days. a bloody confrontation in thailand between soldiers and antigovernment protesters. the clash has reportedly killed 19 people and injured more than 800. the demonstrators are demanding that the prime minister call for new par lamentary elections. two shuttle "discovery" astronauts embark on the mix's second spacewalk. floating into space early sunday. they are working to replace a tank which is part of the space station cooling system. i'm patti ann browne. now, back to huckabee on fox news. if you would like to comment on tonight's show
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e-mail us. >> mike: back with former aide to john edwards. the book they have written is called "the politician" and all of the studio audience members will be getting their own copy of the book. >> i will sign them if they want me to. >> mike: great. during this time, you watched your husband go through some amazing things and one of the things was that john edwards called upon him to claim that the baby was your husband's, not that of john edwards. i mean was there a point at which you said are you kidding me? >> oh, yes, when riel showed up at our door i thought that was the last straw. when asked andrew and we were in the car that day, i actually said are you kidding me. we were going through the mcdonald's drive-thru. i said are you kidding me, how can he ask for one more thing. i thought we had done everything for that man beyond
2:34 am
extreme already. and it went further. and we agreed. >> mike: you were part of it and you ultimately agreed that okay, you will let your husband in essence take the fall, that is what it was about, to take the fall to claim he was the father of real hunter's baby, hoping that that would keep john edwards' campaign alive. did you say at any point taking money for campaign donors and using it for anything other than the campaign could in fact be criminal? >> yes, i mean i had it researched every which way and we had people like fred baron and john edwards and people experienced with the campaign finance law. they didn't get it through the donations. they gave it as gifts. >> mike: unreported gifts, however? >> well, they reported within the tax -- they were reported. i mean these guys, as you know, when you get into presidential
2:35 am
politics, when i first started working for john edwards in 1998-1999 we would literally jump up and down when we would get like a $100 donation. >> mike: i did until the very end. [ laughter ] that was a big one to me. >> he did much better. by the end of this, i was literally regularly getting commitments for a million dollars. and, you know, i think with edwards being looked at by the grand jury one of the problems that they are going to have, i assume, is that when the people wrote the campaign finance law they never anticipated a situation like this and it will definitely be a case of first impression. >> mike: there is a possibility that john edwards could be indicted. >> yes. >> mike: you testified before grand juries to give information as to what in fact happened because there are investigations ongoing. >> right. >> mike: would it surprise you if he were indicted? >> no. >> mike: you kind of expected it at some point maybe?
2:36 am
>> my lawyer is a very experienced long-term trial lawyer and i think i mean prosecutor and when we went in, he was genuinely surprised at how much time, effort and preparation they put into it and that was over a year ago. and they have been work on it for a long, long time. and the trial should be extremely interesting. there was some stuff that they showed me when i testified before the grand jury that i had no idea about. and i think john edwards -- this is not illegal -- if this is not illegal then it should be made illegal. >> mike: you trusted him. >> i loved him. >> mike: you held him high on a pedestal. >> yes. >> mike: one thing that struck me two men you trusted and put on a pedestal. john edwards was one of them and your own father was another and you i felt poignantly wrote about your father, him self-caught in an adulterous
2:37 am
act. he had been a pastor at university chaplain. broke your heart and broke your family and then you see it with him. i'm wondering what keeps you from becoming a complete cynic. the two men in your life you put the most faith in both have hurt and disappointed you and made moral failures. >> it did make me a cynic. my father passed while i was writing this at the tail end and the book ends with that and it talks about the powerful lessons that i learned about being -- you know, we are brought up to be ambitious and to try to win and the american dream and all that and it is in direct conflict sometimes with what it ethically right. and at easter we were sitting there and the minister gave this incredible sermon that seemed like it was right at me and it felt like we were turning a new page and we learned, sherri and i learned a great deal. i would -- i don't know how many couples would have made it
2:38 am
through what we have made it through. >> mike: i'm not sure either. >> and we love each other more and realized that all that really matters is what it in our house. did i become cynical? yes. people asked if i would be involved again in politics? only if i was running the other correction. >> we doppler. >> and emotionally we were torn apart for a long time. just recently after the book came out we finally are building strength again so. >> mike: well, i think you have told the story in a very compelling way and again it surprised me that i actually enjoyed the book because i was determined to not like you. having been a person who trusted people and thought you betrayed him. he betrayed you but then you turned around and betrayed him. i think what you did in the book is you helped me to see that you weren't justifying what you did. you simply told me how it happened and how we need to protect ourselves from that.
2:39 am
>> i felt the same way because i'm loyal to a fault. sherry will tell you? >> you think? >> mike: good point, sherry. i think that is definitely the case. >> but i felt really torn when i wrote the first part of the book because i don't get to -- they wanted me to write a back just about the scandal but you can't understand why we did what we did unless you talk about including my father and everything that led up to that. i waited two years to tell the truth. i gave him every opportunity. more than two years. and when i was writing the part about him, the guy that i loved, the guy who was inspiring, gifted person the first five or six years. after he lost with john kerry in the 2004 election, he became a different person. his -- i like to say that his ego became egone. and he believed that it was his destiny and that he was doing people a favor running for
2:40 am
president. and i was taught, you know, i mean i was taught, we had seven or eight years of, you know, 17 hour a day, 7 days a week killing ourselves for this guy. what do i do, walk away? it was should i have walked away? absolutely. but we didn't. we didn't. and we made a mistake and we will pay for it the rest of our lives. >> mike: i want to say thanks very much for being here today. thanks for sharing your story. i appreciate and i hope it is a lesson for all of us. i truly do. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. a lot of people get involved in politics for the right reason and they can turn wrong. not everybody who was ever involved in politics turned out that way. democrat and republican there are wonderful good and decent people who still have their hearts and their souls and spirits about them. also be careful. don't put your faith in people. people can fail you.
2:41 am
the great principles of this country won't but people with always fail and that i think is the real powerful lesson behind the story that andrew and sherry have told. when we come back, casey mcfar land. is this world a safer place because of the treaties signed this week regarding nuclear weapons? kt knows. we'll be right back.
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>> mike: don't miss the huckabee reports monday through
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friday three times a day on 558 of the finest radio stations in the country. if you aren't hearing it on your favorite station you better call and ask for. for a full list of the stations go to mike and click on the huckabee report. earlier this week president obama signed a nuclear arms treaty with the president of russia. will it weaken our military might and threaten national security? kt mcfarland. always a pleasure. delighted to have you. you worked with three presidents all of whom faced very special challenges. >> right. >> mike: dealing with nuclear arms. you watched this week and tell me are we safer today than we were a week ago? >> the treaty itself that you referred to with the united states and russia does probably a good thing but what it is like is if you have the house and a front door and put the locks on the front door but
2:46 am
left the backdoor wide open. the backdoor is the problem and that is iran and iran's nuclear weapons and none of what president obama's policies are going to do are going to close the backdoor. in the end, no, i don't think we are made safer at all. much more dangerous in fact. >> mike: when two countries had nuclear devices it was easy to look at each other and say let's have containment. now, we have pakistan, probably iran, on the way, i hope not. >> north korea. probably israel, they haven't admitted it but we make the assumption that they may have. and we don't know who is walking around with the shoulder fired version of one that has been able to pirate it from some nation. it is a different world. >> and a harder world. in the cold war, the russians and americans we knew if they attacked us we could attack them back and do just as much damage and therefore nobodody started a war. and our policy toward other countries was you pick a fight
2:47 am
with us i reserve the right to crush you. >> mike: like you use a knife we use a gun. you send us to the hospital and we send you to the morgue. the difference here if president obama and rightly i think is having good treaties with the form erosiveout union. by and large it as good thing. what he is not doing is making us safe from all the other threats you talked about. pakistan potentially. pakistan's nuclear weapons falling into bad hands of jihaddists. iran getting nuclear weapons and launching that whole region in a nuclear arms race as saudi arabia and egypt and turkey feel that i need nuclear weapons of my own. or israel looks at iran and says we cannot allow them to get nuclear weapons because that is the end of our existences and we will have a preemptive strike. >> mike: the united states for the first time in our lifetime
2:48 am
has acted as if israel is no longer our best friend. what kind of policy are we doing here just we are more concerned about bedrooms being built in jerusalem than bombs being built in tehran? >> isn't that amazing we are more concerned with thing going on in israel and housing projects than we are with iran's nuclear program. >> mike: doesn't that embolden the iranians? >> of course, it does. the united states is hosting this multination conference to talk about loose nuclear weapons and nuke materials. that is a good thing. supposedly what is happening in the corridors is that we will be talking to china and russia and brazil and other countries saying will you join us in crippling sanctions against iran to stop their nuclear program. well, iran is looking at that and if there are no crippling sanctions, it is yet again we have another round of wimpy sanctions, iran is saying green light, go for it. even general petraeus said in congressional testimony he was asked do you think iran will
2:49 am
have nuclear weapons any time soon and he said not this calendar year. certainly then you are talking about within the next year or two. >> mike: thank you for the explanation. kt, always a pleasure to have you here. thank you very much. kt mcfarland. one of those folks that i always turn to for the insight. she has been there and done that. i wish she was there now giving omaha bank advice. i think they could use it. next, the little rockers are back and when we come back, one of your favorites and mine, kelly wright. you see him as a news anchor. i see him as the greatest rock star of the fox news channel. singing for us whenor us when we come back. stay with us.
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>> mike: welcome back. before we bring the little rockers on i would like to introduce you of the newest member to the huckabee family. niko's wife gave birth to a baby girl. daisy, mom any niko and daddy matt and big brother miles are doing well. our sincere congratulations to them. well, it is time for a little rock and real. we have kelly wright back with us. anchor of fox news channel. we have backup singer gloria avitilo from the fitness center and from the happy hour on fox business, cody willard on guitar. keyboards, glen stewart and josh kerry who worked in video acquisitions and on the drums our cameraman, josh hatch. kelly what are we going to be playing today? >> steve miller's fly like an eagle. >> mike: we will close out with it. thank you guys for joining us.
2:54 am
list tonight song. we will be back next week from new york. have a great week. god bless. this is the "huckabee" show and this is "fly like an eagle." ♪ tick tock ♪ time keeps on slipin', slipin', slipin' into the future ♪ ♪ time keeps on slipin', slipin', slipin' into the future ♪ ♪ i want to fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ ♪ fly like an eagle let the spirit capture me ♪ ♪ i want to fly like an eagle 'til i'm free ♪ ♪ fly, fly, for the
2:55 am
revolution ♪ ♪ se feed the baby who don't he enough to eat ♪ ♪ shoe the children with no shoes on their feet ♪ ♪ how's the people who are living -- house the people who are living on the street ♪ ♪ oh, there's a solution ♪ i want to fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ ♪ fly like an eagle, let the spirit capture me ♪ ♪ i want to fly like an eagle 'til i'm free ♪ ♪ fly, fly, there's a solution ♪ ♪ and time keeps on slipin', slipin', slipin' into the future ♪ ♪ i said time keeps on slipin', slipin', slipin' into the future ♪
2:56 am
♪ fly, fly, fly away ♪ fly, fly, let the spirit capture me ♪ ♪ i want to fly, fly, fly away, fly, fly, there's a solution ♪ ♪ i want to fly, fly, fly away ♪ ♪fly,fly,fly there's a solution, yeah, ♪ ♪fly, oh, there abouts a sew shrieks ♪ ♪ and time keeps on slipin', slipin', slipin' into the future ♪ ♪ time keeps on slipin', slipin', slipin' into the future ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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>> mike: kelly wright. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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